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Allied Corp. ships the largest international cannabis shipment in history

August 31, 2022  By Haley Nagasaki

(Globe Newswire) Kelowna — Allied Corp. is pleased to announce that it has shipped 3425kgs of medicinal cannabis from Colombia to an international market as a historic milestone. This record-breaking shipment represents the world’s largest known cannabis export to date.

In June 2022, Allied was the first company to export dried cannabis from Colombia. Allied’s shipments of 272kgs, 200kgs, 1728kgs and 3425kgs have shown an established supply chain at commercial scale.

Allied’s clients and supply channel partners span five world continents that include Australia, Europe, Asia, South America, and North America. Allied’s relationships with international partners are based on sustainable, long-term agreements that were designed with the Allied Inside™ supply chain in mind.

On April 01, 2022 Colombia enacted the new legislation allowing for the legal export of dried cannabis produced in Colombia and immediately Allied submitted several applications for export. After many levels of regulatory inspections, analyses, discussions and questions, Allied’s first export of 272kgs shipped in June 2022, a second shipment of 200kgs was shipped in July 2022, 1728kgs in early August and now the world’s largest shipment of 3425kgs also in August 2022.


“The logistics management that it took to get over 7500 pounds of cannabis approved for export and onto a plane was no easy feat. Since June 2022, Allied has already shipped over one third of the volume that the entire country of Canada exported in 2020. About two weeks have passed since our last press release saying that we would be sending 1500kgs every week. This 3425kgs shows that we are achieving the company’s goals and aspirations. We are continuing to scale as each month passes particularly as we enter our high THC harvest within the month of September.” — Calum Hughes, CEO and Chairman of the Board

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