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Augmented Reality cannabis marketing

Nov. 9, 2017, Vancouver – Future Farm Technologies Inc. has engaged the services of Anthony Flores as marketing and brand manager to help build its Augmented Reality platform brand.

November 9, 2017  By Future Farm Technologies

Nov. 9

As previously announced, Future Farm has acquired the exclusive right to use AR E1, LLC’s patented AR technology within the cannabis industry. Future Farm and ARE1 will work together to merge AR and ad-tech with the cannabis industry through the CannaCube Live™ platform. See Augmented Reality Video Here.

Flores’ ten years of experience in strategic marketing, coupled with his four years of Augmented Reality marketing, brings a unique strength to this pivotal marketing role. His wide portfolio includes strategic marketing to creative direction of innovative experiential programs Swarovski, Pepsi, Mercedes Benz, and Zound Industries.

In addition to his agency experience, Flores brings a strong background in lifestyle positioning serving the cannabis industry, having worked on strategic marketing and retail positioning campaigns for PAX and Golden State Sciences.



Flores will play a key role in strategic marketing of the Augmented Reality CannaCube Live™ platform advancing its portfolio of Augmented Reality marketing capabilities to dispensaries, cultivation and extraction facilities and other marijuana businesses.

The AR market is expected to explode from a $10 billion market today to $120 billion over the next two years as Apple, Google, Microsoft and Intel are now launching software and hardware to support this dynamic and fast-growing industry.

Future Farm is aiming to carve out its niche in the cannabis market with augmented reality enhanced packaging for branding as well as an ad-tech driven platform where dispensaries, cultivators, processors and others will use its AR platform to create a richer customer experience in dispensaries, and at home.


Future Farm Technologies Inc. is a Canadian company with projects throughout North America including California, Florida and Maryland. The company’s business model includes developing and acquiring technologies that will position it as a leader in the evolution of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) for the global production of various types of plants, with a focus on cannabis.

Future Farm provides scalable, indoor CEA systems that utilize minimal land, water and energy regardless of climate, location or time of year and are customized to grow an abundance of crops close to consumers, therefore minimizing food miles and its impact to the environment.

The company holds an exclusive, worldwide license to use a patented vertical farming technology that, when compared to traditional plant production methods, generate yields up to 10 times greater per square foot of land. The contained system provides many other benefits including 90 per cent less water, fertilizer and land used, less travel costs, seed to sale security, scalability, consistency due to year-round production, cost control, product safety and purity by eliminating environmental variability.

The company also utilizes a leading cannabis oil extraction technology, which enables the company to process 20lbs/hour of cannabis plant to yield approxi
mately 908 grams/hour of oil.

The company is also in the business of designing and distributing LED lighting solutions utilizing the COB and MCOB technology.

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