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C15 Solutions anticipates growth in European cannabis market through tech platform

April 20, 2023  By Grow Opportunity Staff

(Globe Newswire) Oakville, Ont. — C15 Solutions, a technology vendor delivering a customized eQMS (electronic Quality Management System) for the cannabis sector exclusively, is confident about its growth potential in the EU for 2023 and beyond with many EU and UK operators currently using its platform including valued customers like Canify AG, Celadon Pharmaceuticals, Endosane Pharmaceuticals GmbH, Belfry Medical, and 4C LABS.

With Germany on the cusp of passing cannabis regulations, the company anticipates other EU operations to step up and leverage eQMS to elevate the quality, safety, and consistency of cannabis products while lowering the costs of production.

“Having a robust eQMS platform is not only essential for obtaining EU-Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) but also maintaining the certification. The EU-GMP certification is required for manufacturers to sell medicinal cannabis products in the EU and is a prerequisite for many export markets as well. A strong eQMS is vital for ensuring patient safety and product quality.” – Sean Samuel, VP of sales and marketing, C15

C15’s customers have leveraged the company’s solutions to adhere to EU-GMP regulations while simultaneously lowering their operational risks and costs. EU regulatory bodies are also intimately familiar with the company and have confirmed 100 per cent EU-GMP validation of C15’s eQMS platform, including the Medicines & Healthcare product Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).


C15 has identified unique characteristics of the EU market that make eQMS a perfect fit for domestic operators. These characteristics include:

  • A fragmented regulatory landscape as each sovereign member of the EU will end up with its own laws and regulations, creating regulatory complexities for companies operating in multiple jurisdictions.
  • A focus on medical cannabis means a strong emphasis on product quality, safety, and consistency – the latter of which is an important distinction when it comes to medical vs. adult-use products.
  • Limited domestic production means many countries rely on import partners, introducing supply-chain complexity and an increase in the propensity for product quality issues.
  • High standards for product quality from European regulators which means detailed and specific requirements for quality control, testing, record-keeping, as well as training.

C15 customers represent a culture of quality and as a result, the company has been able to create connections between North American and European businesses that have resulted in mutually beneficial trade. By upholding partner standards that prioritize quality and integrity, C15 has built a clientele of like-minded organizations that understand the value of trust in business relationships. The company plans to continue growing its customer base in the EU throughout 2023

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