Grow Opportunity

2019 Canada’s Top Growers

Grow Opportunity is proud to present the inaugural winners of Canada’s Top Growers Award. Find out what makes these two master growers among the best cannabis cultivators in the industry.

1 – Gregg Wigeland: Plant artist

The force is strong with Gregg Wigeland, and this Yoda of cannabis cultivation is one with the plant.

Having lived most of his life around cannabis, he has learned and perfected the art of growing cannabis. His path to becoming a master grower has been paved by numerous trials and errors over “too many years.”… (Read more)


2 – Chad Morphy: Master of method

When his patients began telling him about the relief they’ve had using medical cannabis, Chad Morphy’s health-care career started taking him to a different path… (Read more)



The 2019 Canada’s Top Growers Award is sponsored by Shyield.