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Canadian cannabis brand, CANACA, introduces new collection of products across Canada

March 1, 2023  By The Canadian Press

Toronto — Tilray Brands, Inc., a leading global cannabis lifestyle and consumer packaged goods company, has launched the latest innovations by its quintessentially Canadian cannabis lifestyle brand, CANACA.

Introducing Bursts and Darts, CANACA reveals its newly added `potently Canadian’ products across Canada including four milled flower-based products. Joining the CANACA family, the four new SKUs include Fruitsplosion and Parmigiano Dankiano Bursts, as well as Fruitsplosion and Magic Mochaccino Darts; produced from a hand-selected curation of terpene-rich strain combinations, these new CANACA SKUs not only feature higher potencies but they are also crafted to feature its unique taste profiles and aromas, while offering elevated consumer experiences.

Following the release of its signature #FEELTHEBOOST BHO-infused products; with a spotlight on Shredded Weedies, Crumble Cones, and Indica 30’s, CANACA returns with Bursts and Darts, providing a range of products formulated to embrace personalized consumer convenience.

CANACA’s products are available in select regions and retailers across Canada.


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