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Cannabis Compliance Inc. to invest in 3|Sixty Transport Ltd.

TORONTO – Cannabis Compliance Inc. of Toronto will make a strategic investment in 3|Sixty Transport Ltd. to acquire a 40% stake in the company that provides complete beginning to end security solutions for Canadian medical cannabis producers, according to a press release.

January 12, 2018
By Cannabis Compliance Inc.

Thomas Gerstenecker, Founder and CEO of 3|Sixty Transport Ltd. explains the rational for the equity sale. 

“3|Sixty Transport Ltd. offers security and transport services tailored to the Canadian cannabis industry that are climate controlled, pallet & loading dock friendly, and backed with comprehensive cannabis-specific insurance coverage.” 

Once the transaction is complete CCI  will provide its clients with total security coverage including:

·       Comprehensive Security plans for ACMPR and Dealer Licence Applications 


·       Equipment and installation via our large network of partners 

·       Health Canada Security and GPP Evidence Package 

·       Security audits and risk assessment 

·       Secure transport with GPS tracking 

·       24/7 Site monitoring via CCTTY 

·       Climatized bio thermal packaging for transport of clone plants 

·       Armed guards for facilities or transport

With this investment, CCI will be Canada’s first full security firm, seeking to help clients to “start, build, and grow” their cannabis business.