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Cannabis groups give legalization “D” in industry report card

October 18, 2021  By Grow Opportunity staff

On the third anniversary of cannabis legalization, the Cannabis Council of Canada (C3), together with Cannabis Amnesty, Medical Cannabis Canada (MCC) and NORML are calling for the government reform.

As part of C3’s annual industry report card, the organization for Canadian licensed producers and processors have partnered with other industry groups to reflect on the first three years of the Cannabis Act.

The “Not Done Yet Report Card” is an evaluation of cannabis legalization’s successes and challenges based on government objectives, industry outcomes and cannabis community expectations. The document covers topics such as keeping cannabis out of the hands of youth, combatting the illicit market, social justice and equity, access to medical cannabis and industry viability.

“In celebration of the third anniversary of Canada’s historic leadership, we are calling upon governments to come together with renewed energy and adopt the reforms needed to fulfill the health, social and economic promise of cannabis legalization,” said George Smitherman, C3 president and CEO.



Read the full report here.

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