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Cannabix receives Canadian patent for drug detection device

July 6, 2021  By Grow Opportunity staff

Cannabix THC Breath Analyzer (Photo: Cannabix Technologies Inc.)

Cannabix Technologies Inc. has received a Canadian patent for its Cannabix Marijuana Breathalyzer device.

The device, officially known as the Cannabix THC Breath Analyzer or the THCBA, is a breath testing tool for rapid detection of recent cannabis use. The device was designed for use by law enforcement and in the workplace to detect the peak THC impairment window.

The technology uses microfluidic sensors with machine learning algorithms to detect THC in the breath. The product is currently at the advanced prototype stage.

“There is a massive sea-change happening in the U.S. related to cannabis use and Cannabix Technologies is at the forefront of developing the tools to aid public safety and create more relevant and fairer cannabis testing technology,” said CEO Rav Mlait in a press release.


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