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Cannabix Technologies correlates THC in breath and blood in U.S. study

August 25, 2022  By Haley Nagasaki

(Globe Newswire) Vancouver — Cannabix Technologies Inc., developer of marijuana breathalyzer devices for law enforcement and the workplace, reports that it continues to successfully test a supplemental version of its FAIMS technology for detection of THC, and related analytes, in human breath in new comprehensive multi-analysis study of subjects under the influence of marijuana in the southern United States.

In the Southern U.S. study, Cannabix is working alongside toxicologists and law enforcement officers who are testing subjects under the influence of marijuana. The company’s technology is being used side by side with several conventional drug screening methods (blood, oral fluid etc.). Further details of the study will be available in due course when disclosure approvals are granted to the Company.

The company has developed a unique breath capture system capable of collecting low volatility analytes, such as THC, from approximately five breaths, which is the first time that such a capability for low volatility analytes has been developed.

In addition, the Cannabix device captures analytes efficiently such that the sample preparation steps needed in traditional methods are completely eliminated. The system has detected and confirmed THC in breath out to four hours after smoking with breath samples being stored and analyzed up to two days after sample collection.


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