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Earth Kisses Sky celebrates 10 years

November 19, 2019  By Jean Ko Din

Earth Kisses Sky celebrated its 10-year anniversary on Nov. 7 at The Hamilton Club. (Photo: Andrea Hunter)Earth Kisses Sky celebrated its 10-year anniversary on Nov. 7 at The Hamilton Club. (Photo: Andrea Hunter)

What started out as a personal experiment in Ashley Short and Tijen Yelchin’s kitchen is now a burgeoning beauty and wellness business with a small cult following.

Earth Kisses Sky (EKS) is a holistic wellness centre based in Stoney Creek, Ont. that is marking its 10-year anniversary with the soft launch of its new product line of cannabis salves. The Pain and Skin salves are herbal topicals designed to be mixed with cannabis oil at home. In the past year, the salves developed a local cult following with Short and Yelchin’s clients and now that cannabis topicals are legal (as of October), they are getting ready to bring their products to a larger market.

“Honestly, we are mostly excited and proud to see patients have access to legal cannabis because this plant has been denied for so many years,” said Yelchin, who is a certified massage therapist and acupuncturist. She also has a background in traditional Chinese medicine. “And if we have to push ourselves out of our comfort zone as a business to be here, then we’re going to do it. Because it’s not just benefitting us, it’s educating and sharing the information to help others.”

EKS celebrated its 10-year anniversary with a community meet and greet on Nov. 7 at The Hamilton Club in Hamilton, Ont. About 100 guests, former clients, friends and family came to celebrate the new chapter in Short and Yelchin’s journey as business and life partners.


“If I think of the beginning of these 10 years, I would’ve never ever dreamed that we would be in this position because at that point, I was like, ‘My life is over.’ And now I feel like, ‘My life is just beginning,’ so this is definitely something to celebrate,” said Short, who is a certified holisitic nutritionist and clinical herbalist.

Short was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of 27. Her chronic pain had left her bedridden. Her passion for natural health modalities and teachings left her questioning her own diagnosis. One year later, she discovered she had Lyme Disease.

The Pain salve is the company’s flagship product was originally developed by Short in their home kitchen as she experimented with herbal medicine to help treat her chronic pain. When she had perfected the formula, she began to offer samples to EKS clients who came to their clinic for their own pain ailments. The Skin salve is another herbal salve that they developed as a skin moisturizer.

With Cannabis 2.0 ahead, Short and Yelchin are eager to expand their product line with cannabis-unfused versions of the salves.

Earth Kisses Sky celebrates 10 years

On Nov. 7, Earth Kisses Sky celebrated its 10-year anniversary with a celebration of their cannabis-friendly healing salves, Pain and Skin.Full story:

Posted by Grow Opportunity on Tuesday, November 19, 2019

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