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Flowr Corp. appoints new CEO and board member

April 15, 2021  By Grow Opportunity staff

Darryl Brooker is the new chief executive officer of The Flower Corporation.

The Flowr Corporation, which is headquartered in Toronto but operates its indoor cultivation facility in Kelowna, B.C., announced its new leadership on April 15.

Brooker replaces Lance Emanuel, who tendered his resignation as the company’s president and chief executive in pursuit of a new role in the United States. Brooker will take over for Emanuel starting May 3.

Brooker previously served as president of Mission Hill Family Estate, a Kelowna-based winery. He has more than a decade of experience in the winery industry and grape cultivation.


“On behalf of the board of directors, we are very excited to have a seasoned CPG executive like Darryl (Brooker) joining our company,” commented Steve Klein, chair of the board of directors. “Darryl will bring fiscal discipline, leadership and the type of mindset needed to succeed in the cannabis industry. Moreover, the parallels between the premium wine business and the premium cannabis business are well known, and Darryl’s career as an executive that started with grape cultivation, then wine production, before becoming a leader of organizations, gives Darryl a unique set of skills and experience to benefit Flowr’s business.”

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