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Corporate social responsibility and global sustainability have been an increasing trend across all industries all over the world – manufacturing, agriculture, energy production, and many others. Consumers are getting more sophisticated and interested in knowing the ‘story’ behind the products they consume. Companies that are responding to this trend stand to gain – both from a fiscal and moral perspective.

April 3, 2019  By Mari-Len De Guzman

The new and burgeoning cannabis industry has the opportunity to be on the right side of history. And the best time to do it is now, when the industry is in its infancy and in the process of shaping its course.

The frameworks for sustainability, as well as corporate social and environmental responsibility, already exist in other industries, and can be a template for cannabis companies pursuing this path – from cultivation and processing to packaging and merchandising.

Indeed, a number of Canadian licensed cannabis producers have taken on the challenge of producing and marketing their products in a sustainable and environment-friendly fashion. Grow Opportunity aims to highlight some of Canada’s most innovative and best-managed cannabis companies in the pages of this publication. Our publishing team believes that sharing these stories and promoting best practices for growing a sustainable and responsible cannabis business will help this industry become the best it can ever be.

This issue of Grow Opportunity is particularly focused on sustainable business practices – from growing the plant to packaging products for the end-consumers. Our cover story is a homage to one of Canada’s top ecological destinations and home to some of the highest-quality and sustainably grown cannabis in the country: British Columbia. The aim is to provide the story behind some of the best-loved cannabis in the country – because having a high-quality product that consumers love and come back to over and over again does not happen by chance.


This issue also highlights the importance of creating regulatory policies that create opportunities for companies to do the right thing. Our legal expert, Matt Maurer, highlights this important issue in our Legal Matters column.

As in past issues, and in future issues of Grow Opportunity, we will strive to highlight organizations in the cannabis industry that have a great story to tell and best practices to share. If you work for a company that promotes environmental responsibility, production sustainability or is embarking on innovative ideas for sustainable growth, we’d like to hear from you. Send me an email and let’s talk.

Speaking of innovative ideas, Grow Opportunity has launched the brand new Canada’s Top Growers Award – a recognition program that celebrates the people behind the plant, the growers, master growers and cultivators in your cannabis enterprise responsible for nurturing and growing your high-quality cannabis products.

I am proud to note that we have assembled a team of industry leaders to sit on our judging panel to help us find and honour Canada’s best cannabis growers. We will be announcing the members of our judging panel as well as the nomination details in the next issue. So stay tuned and think about nominating an outstanding cannabis grower.

It’s time to highlight the achievements of these fine folks and give them the recognition they deserve.

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