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Hexo settles trademark infringement lawsuit

November 5, 2020  By Grow Opportunity staff

HEXO Corp. announced that the company had reached a settlement on a trademark infringement lawsuit.

The company claims that a California-based cannabis business, Assi Project Management LLC, was using HEXOCBD to sell CBD products in the United States. The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California for unfair competition and trademark infringement from unauthorized selling of CBD products and services under the name of HEXOCBD.

“The HEXO brand is sufficiently established, both in Canada and in the U.S., that if another company – in the same industry, no less – uses it as a part of its mark, HEXO believes the situation creates confusion for the consumer and potential for reputational issues, and is ultimately a fair competition issue,” said Roch Vaillancourt, general counsel for HEXO.

Terms of the legal settlement include Assi ceasing the use any mark, name or designation which will cause confusion to an affiliation or association by HEXO; destroying all product and materials that refer to HEXOCBD and the transfer of all of Assi’s domain names containing HEXO or any similar term in the company.


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