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House of Terpenes Canntinis introduces new THC-SAR cannabis beverage, inspired by the classic Canadian Caesar

The first-of-its-kind with 10mg THC and 10mg CBG, THC-SAR offers a cannabis-infused twist on Canada’s favourite adult beverage

May 2, 2023  By Grow Opportunity Staff

Toronto – Launching in time for summer, House of Terpenes Canntinis THC-SAR is a true-to-taste, alcohol-free cannabis beverage inspired by the most Canadian drink ever: the Caesar.

The latest exciting addition to the House of Terpenes Canntinis’ portfolio, which offers Canada’s first cannabis-infused mocktails, THC-SAR is inspired by a classic Caesar cocktail, with tasting notes of spicy tomato and umami flavours of clam, Worcestershire, celery and black pepper.

As taste continues to be the main driver of purchase consideration for cannabis beverages, THC-SAR offers complex flavours, in addition to high-quality ingredients, a unique liquid profile and high-potency.

“The Caesar is widely regarded as Canada’s most popular cocktail, and with the launch of the THC-SAR, we’re thrilled to offer consumers a cannabis-infused twist on this iconic Canadian staple. Not only does it deliver on taste, but as one of our first high-potency offerings with CBG, THC-SAR is a non-alcoholic option that provides a buzz while still allowing you to make the most of the following day.” – Melanie Smith, innovation lead, Truss Beverage Co.


Accounting for 71 per cent of all cannabis beverage sales in Canada, high-potency beverages are rapidly rising in popularity amongst avid cannabis consumers. As the first Caesar-inspired cannabis beverage with a balanced 10mg THC and 10mg CBG, THC-SAR not only answers the call for more delicious differentiated drinks in the high-dosage segment, but further exemplifies House of Terpenes Canntinis’ as pioneering the cannabis mocktail segment.

“Ongoing feedback informs us consumers look for cannabis beverages that not only offer familiar flavours and formats, but can be easily incorporated into their established occasions. Analogous to a traditional Caesar, the THC-SAR can also be enjoyed in the morning, even offering avid cannabis consumers a new smoke-free way to wake and bake.” – Lori Hatcher, head of commercial, Truss Beverage Co.

In addition to launching House of Terpenes Canntinis THC-SAR, Truss Beverage Co. has also added Mollo 10 to its award-winning portfolio, introducing legal-age consumers to the first cannabis-infused brew with 10mg THC + 10mg CBG in Canada.

Both House of Terpenes Canntinis THC-SAR and Mollo 10 will be available at licensed cannabis retailers and on as of May 11th, with availability and pricing differing per province and store.

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