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Invictus teams up with German medical cannabis distributor

White Rock, B.C.-based cannabis company Invictus MD’s licensed producer, Acreage Pharms Ltd., has made a deal with German medical cannabis importer and distributor Deutsche Medizinalcannabis.

December 21, 2018  By Grow Opportunity Staff

The five-year supply and distribution agreement is for a total of 10,000 kilograms of dried cannabis flower.
“We are thrilled to partner with Deutsche Medizinalcannabis to supply medical cannabis to the German market,” said George E. Kveton, chief executive officer of Invictus. “At present, there is insufficient supply to meet patient demand in Germany and this is a great opportunity to expand our distribution and sales beyond Canada.

“Both companies share the same beliefs regarding the importance of product quality and it has been a pleasure working with Deutsche Medizinalcannabis as we prepare our Phase 3 facility at Acreage Pharms to be EU-GMP compliant.”
Prior to any shipment of dried cannabis flower to the German market, the company must first obtain an export permit from Health Canada as well as a Good Manufacturing Practice (“EU-GMP”) certification, in accordance with the rules governing medicinal products in the European Union, according to a release.

The EU-GMP certification is a requirement to distribute medical cannabis to Germany and across the European Union. Deutsche Medizinalcannabis must in turn obtain an import permit, the release states.

“Invictus’ supply will ease the product shortage in German pharmacies and lay the foundation for Deutsche Medizinalcannabis to become Germany’s most reliable wholesaler of medical cannabis products,” said Cornelius Maurer, co-founder and chief executive officer of Deutsche Medizinalcannabis. “We are excited to further develop our international network of EU-GMP certified suppliers through this partnership.”


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