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Jupiter Research to develop bespoke vape solutions

March 5, 2020  By Grow Opportunity staff

Vaporizer cartridge wholesaler and supplier, Jupiter Research, is gearing up for a new offer of “bespoke vaporization devices.”

Jupiter, a subsidiary of TILT Holdings, recently announced that it is looking to collaborate with global hardware supplier, The Blinc Group. In addition to working on bespoke products, Jupiter plans to leverage Blinc’s quality control, regulatory and compliance expertise.

“Jupiter has always taken pride in being at the forefront of innovation,” said Mark Scatterday, interim CEO at TILT and founder/CEO of Jupiter.  “As the market continues to grow we are excited to announce our partnership with The Blinc Group.”

The Blinc Group is known for best-in-class proprietary cannabis vaping solutions for United States, Canada and Europe. Co-Founder and chief executive Arnaud Dumas de Rauly serves as chairman of the International ISO committee on Vaping Standards, chairman of the European CEN Committee on Vapor Products. He has also served as former president of FIVAPE in the EU and a renowned expert in inhalation technology, regulations, manufacturing and distribution.


“We look forward to working closely with Jupiter and bringing additional value and expertise to their extensive network of clients,” Dumas de Rauly said in a statement. “I am excited to see what the future of cannabis vaping landscape holds when two companies like Jupiter and Blinc work closely together to help shape the new standards and set an example for regulatory compliance as a whole.”


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