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Lifeist’s CannMart brings first-to-market multi-pack cannabis products to Ontario

Answering customer demand from retailers and consumers, CannMart’s in-house brand Roilty introduces first-to-market multi-pack formats across several cannabis concentrate categories.

January 19, 2023  By Grow Opportunity Staff

(Globe Newswire) Toronto — Lifeist Wellness Inc.’s wholly owned Canadian cannabis business unit CannMart Inc. has leveraged market research and consumer insights to introduce several higher margin multi-pack offerings in Ontario through the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) that are believed to be first-to-market in the province.

CannMart made its multi-pack entrance into Ontario with the Roilty Shatter Pack: Catacomb Kush 0.5G & The Mountain Kush 0.5G, featuring two best-selling shatters from Roilty in one package.

This new stock keeping unit (SKU) was met with strong interest from retailers and consumers alike. As the first shatter product from Roilty in the province, the multi-pack has pushed Roilty into the seventh best-selling brand in the category and the tenth best-selling product (approx. 95 live products in the category).

This penetration is especially gratifying given that the average SKU count from the well-established competitors in the category is 3.5 compared to Roilty’s launch with one single SKU (Source: Headset Data, last two months, Ontario, Canada, shatter segment). This placement in the Top 10 accounts for a quick capture of 3 per cent market share for the single SKU, with the top two brands accounting for 63 per cent of the market (each having five to six SKUs), leaving room for significant growth and penetration as Roilty plans to expand SKUs in the segment.


“Roilty’s growth in the Ontario market has been driven not only by our quality products, but the province’s willingness to list innovative offerings that appeal directly to consumer demands. We’ve been able to penetrate a highly competitive market in a short time and prove to retail customers that the Roilty brand of products are worth carrying, and one that consumers want to buy. By effectively leveraging our manufacturing capacity and increasingly popular brand, and combining multiple products into a single offering, we expect to expand both gross and operating margins for CannMart, accelerating our pathway to profitability.” — Daniel Stern, Chief Executive Officer, CannMart

As momentum grows on this format, the OCS has decided to list a second shatter multi-pack, Roilty Shatter Pack: The Mountain Kush 0.5G & Purple Dream. The new offering will be available in April 2023 via the OCS’s flow-through channel, which allows retailers to purchase products not listed on the OCS website for consumers, to further curate and differentiate their stores’ product offerings.

These unique offerings allow consumers and retailers the flexibility of trialing more than one product for the same price and extends the opportunity for variety, something that consumers, especially in the concentrate category, appear to be highly interested in and is lacking in the current product assortment.

Additionally, the OCS has listed three general list Roilty multi-packs SKUs in the live resin, diamonds, and vape cart categories. These three new SKUs from Roilty are also believed to be the first-of-their-kind in the Canadian market.

Roilty launched its first live resin SKU in Ontario, Roilty King’s Kush, in August 2022, quickly rising to the tenth best-selling product in the category (with 3 per cent market share, out of approx. 180 products and an average 3.3 SKUs per brand) and secured Roilty as the twelfth best-selling brand for the last six months (Source: Headset Data, last six months, Ontario, Canada, Live Resin Sub-Category).

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