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More than half of Canadians support legalized cannabis: survey

More than half of Canadian adults support the legalization of recreational cannabis, according to a new report released by Toronto-based consumer research firm Vividata.

July 6, 2018  By Grow Opportunity staff

The report comes from a survey of 4,880 Canadians, of which 52 per cent has indicated support of the government’s move to legalize cannabis. Despite the law coming into effect and cannabis retail officially occurring by mid October, 34 per cent of Canadians still oppose legalization.

“This release provides unparalleled insights around consumers’ views on cannabis, combined with in-depth knowledge of their habits across 200 consumer product categories, retail and media in Canada,” said Vividata president and CEO, Pat Pellegrini. “The legalization of cannabis represents the most significant change in legal structure regarding a consumer good since prohibition of alcohol ended. At the same time, we saw a gap in consumer research in this area and responded with high quality research to meet the needs of our current and expanding membership.”

Based on survey responses, 22 per cent of Canadians aged 19 and over are current users of cannabis, and 16 per cent say they are likely to consume cannabis when it becomes legal and publicly available. One of the top motivations for potential users have to do with health and/or medical reasons. In fact., 59 per cent of potential cannabis consumers have used pain relievers in the past month.

The study estimates that market potential for cannabis sales post-legalization could be as high as $8 billion.


Survey respondents also expressed strong opinions pertaining to cannabis regulations, with 87 per cent agreeing that rules around public consumption of cannabis should at least have the same restrictions as liquor consumption. An overwhelming majority, 88 per cent, said that people should not be driving after consuming cannabis.

Vividata’s Canadian Cannabis Study provides the first consumer centric understanding of current recreational and medicinal cannabis users and their consumption habits. It also captures how users and non-users feel about legalisation, preferred channels for cannabis education and distribution, potential consumption post legalisation and more, the company said.

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