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New software to reduce costs and improve yields for cannabis cultivators

Novato, Calif.-based Tech startup Trym unveiled the first farm management software platform created specifically for cannabis cultivation on Wednesday.

November 15, 2018  By Grow Opportunity Staff

Trym said cannabis cultivators can now optimize their farm operations with comprehensive, actionable insights in addition to growing revenue and maintaining consistency.

This new functionality enables cultivators to track batches from seedling through harvest while also linking to a complete history of environmental conditions, tasks, energy usage and costs, Trym said in a release.

“Growing quality cannabis takes significant physical and financial investment, and small variations in how the plant is grown can have meaningful impacts on production and profits,” said Trym customer Jon Hudnall. “With Trym, we’re able to track key performance metrics and improve how we run our business.”

“By combining data analytics and visualization software with agricultural sensor technology and operational inputs, Trym enables cannabis farmers to identify trends that lead to increased yield and profitability,” said Matt Mayberry, co-founder and chief executive officer of Trym. “We’re equipping cannabis cultivators with the tools they need to thrive in this rapidly evolving industry.”


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