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Organigram signs exclusive deal with vape pen producer Feather

June 18, 2019  By Grow Opportunity staff

MONCTON, NB – Organigram Holdings, the parent company of Organigram Inc., has signed an exclusive agreement with Feather Company Ltd. that will give the cannabis producer access to Feather’s proprietary vaporizer pen technology. The disposable vaporizer pen and 5/10 thread cartridges for targeted adult-use customer segments will be available following legalization of this product category currently scheduled to come into effect as of October 2019.

Organigram, through the Edison Cannabis Co. brand, has an exclusive license to Feather’s proprietary vaporizer pen technology and form factor. The relationship will also allow Organigram to represent Feather across Canada from a commercial perspective. This agreement reflects both companies’ commitment to transformative thinking and unique customer experiences, Organigram said.

“A successful recreational cannabis market requires that licensed producers and their partners continually reimagine the cannabis experience,” said Ray Gracewood, senior vice-president, marketing and communications for Organigram. “It is critical for Organigram to find unique ways to offer customers the kind of value that will help differentiate our brands. The future is in providing unique opportunities for customers to explore the product.”

Feather’s technology and hardware offers Organigram’s Edison brand a unique, proprietary delivery mechanism for discerning and sophisticated consumers and will complement the companies’ recently announced partnership with PAX, a leader in closed-loop vaporizable technology offered through the PAX Era product line.


“We are thrilled to be working with Organigram”, said Patrick Lehoux, CEO, Feather. “As patients, enthusiasts and advocates for the cannabis community, we are committed to applying our diverse skills to produce the best experience for consumers. Our partnership with Organigram opens new and exciting opportunities for us to do just that. We believe in the Edison brand and Organigram’s best-in-class facility ensures that we are partnered with a team committed to producing a consistent, premium product.”

Organigram has secured cannabis distribution arrangements across Canada, in all ten provinces. The Company plans to approach all ten provinces with Feather’s disposable and cartridge-based units.

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