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Pure Sunfarms, first licensed producer to adopt hang dry at scale

November 7, 2022  By Grow Opportunity Staff

Pure Sunfarms hang dry room

(Globe Newswire) Delta, B.C. — Pure Sunfarms, a wholly owned subsidiary of Village Farms International, Inc., has transitioned to a hang dry method — a process adapted from the legacy market that helps protect the natural bud structure.

Pure Sunfarms is the first licensed producer to adopt hang dry processes at scale.

As part of the hang dry process, plants are harvested whole and hung upside down to dry, leaves and all, which create a natural shield around the flowers’ delicate trichomes. This process minimizes direct handling of the flowers to preserve natural bud structure and aromas, while delivering a higher terpene potential.

Before hang dry, the B.C.-based producer used a process where flower was removed from its stem with leaves intact and dried flat on trays.


“Our team is constantly identifying opportunities to innovate and evolve to elevate our products and bring consumers everyday premium B.C. bud — and hang drying is an extension of this. As we continue to refine our hang dry process, consumers can expect our bag appeal to keep getting better.” — Mandesh Dosanjh, president and CEO

Honouring the heritage of B.C. bud by combining the hang dry knowledge of veteran, legacy growers with the expertise of Pure Sunfarms’ cultivators, and the capacity of its 1.65 million square foot greenhouse space, is what allows Pure Sunfarms to bring the quality of craft cannabis to scale.

The Pure Sunfarms team conducted thorough testing prior to the transition to determine optimal drying conditions, including humidity, moisture and temperature levels, and is consistently evolving its processes to enhance the quality of product and consumer experience.

Consumers can expect to see hang dried product roll-out in dried flower packs over the coming months.

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