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Rad Source Technologies announces new RS420∙Q+

February 15, 2024  By Grow Opportunity Staff

(CNW) Buford, Ga. — Rad Source Technologies, a pioneer in life science irradiation with over 300 units installed globally, announces the RS 420 Q+ Cannabis Decontamination System, a strategic solution filling a capacity gap between their two most popular systems. The RS 420 Q+ empowers cultivators to efficiently decontaminate up to 25 pounds of cannabis per cycle, perfectly positioned between the RS 420 Q and the industrial-grade RS 420 XL

“The RS 420 Q+ fills a critical gap in the cannabis decontamination landscape, offering mid-sized cultivators the scalability and efficiency they need. With its enhanced power, rapid cycle times, and Rad Source’s unwavering commitment to flower quality and public safety, the RS 420 Q+ sets a new standard for delivering safe, and high-quality cannabis to the planet. The RS 420 Q+ marks a monumental leap forward in cannabis decontamination technology.” — George Terry, executive vice president, Rad Source Technologies

The RS 420 Q+ tackles the precise capacity needs of a diverse range of producers. Its 25-pound per cycle capability perfectly fills the void between the RS 420 Q (5-7 pounds) and the RS 420 XL (35-50 pounds). This throughput allows smaller growers to scale up operations efficiently, while offering large-scale producers additional flexibility within their processing lines.

The RS 420 Q+ harnesses the power of the all-new QUASTAR 2 platform, featuring a 35 per cent increase in Photonic StormTM intensity over the QUASTAR. This translates to enhanced microbial inactivation efficacy, ensuring thorough decontamination and better dose uniformity across a wider range of cannabis cultivars and densities.


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