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Sacred Rebels, Iquitos, Peru, opens doors to men in recovery

April 3, 2023  By Haley Nagasaki

Sacred Rebels ayahuasca retreat centre, Iquitos, Peru. Photo: Sacred Rebels Recovery

In association with Nihue Rao Centro Espiritual ayahuasca retreat centre, owned by Shipibo curandero master Ricardo Amaringo, comes a new permaculture-based retreat centre, Sacred Rebels Recovery, for men struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

Beneath the experienced shamanic practitioner of 43 years, Vancouver Island-raised curandero and addiction recovery advocate Sapha, co-founded Sacred Rebels Recovery in 2021. Sapha is an apprentice of Ricardo Amaringo, in Iquitos, Peru, studying traditional Amazonian plant medicine and administration of ayahuasca to participants.

Together with his partner and Sacred Rebels co-founder Makena, Sapha now lives and works full-time as a recovery consultant and permaculture manager. The couple’s vision is to establish plant medicine retreats and inpatient recovery treatment programs for people in the Peruvian Amazon and for those from North America.

In response to the global drug crisis and with the approval of a five-year work Visa, Sacred Rebels Recovery opens its doors to public inpatient treatment on Nov. 1, 2023. Each retreat is reserved for a maximum of four participants to ensure an intimate and intensive plant dieta and ceremonial healing experience. At this time, inpatients are open to male participants only.


Group recovery retreats at Sacred Rebels are also available for people in recovery who have been free from addiction for a period of one year or more. Quarterly group retreats are open to 10-12 participants, welcoming those seeking to partake in psychedelic therapy with ayahuasca medicine for the purposes of personal growth and for deepening the recovery process surrounded by a community of people who share similar lived experiences.

Group retreats occur every three months for a period of two weeks, while the inpatient program is reserved for a maximum of four individuals over a three-month intensive term living at the centre. The programs are entirely peer-run and operated, while the centre is Indigenous-owned and operated with North American Indigenous and South American Shipibo facilitation.

The stewards of the permaculture retreat centre produce abundance through agroforestry and by restoring the land to its former farm status. The centre has also been equipped with Starlink satellite internet to remain connected to the global community before, during, and after treatment.


Photo: Sacred Rebels Recovery




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