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StrainSecure 2.0 to emphasize collaboration and transparency

September 14, 2021  By Grow Opportunity staff

Blockchain tech company, TruTrace Technologies, is launching a 2.0 version for increased traceability and transparency for the cannabis industry. (Photo: TruTrace Technologies Inc.)

TruTrace Technologies, developer of the StrainSecure blockchain platform, has announced a system upgrade.

StrainSecure 2.0 is said to have new features to engage with all players across the cannabis industry’s supply chain. Highlights of the new platform include an Enhanced Scan Page which is meant to be a real-time collaboration module that provides consumers with a way to engage with B2B clients and partners about the details of every batch or lot produced or manufactured.

With a quick scan of a QR code, consumers have access to educational insights that help narrow their search and review details. It also provides industry users analytics, such as how many times their product was scanned.

Updated and Enhanced Product Scan Page (Photo: TruTrace Technologies Inc.)

“The expectations of customers, as it relates to the quality of the products they choose to consume, has never been higher,” said Robert Galarza, CEO of TruTrace. “StrainSecure 2.0 focuses on promoting good actors in the industry and giving them a solution, which unifies their network, mitigates risk, ensures compliance with commercial standards and creates a safer and more consistent marketplace for their customers.”


The new platform also includes an inventory management system designed to interconnect required data and documentation. An expanded digital documentation system is meant to ensure compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices and other commercial and industry standards. New risk mitigation, recall prevention and management features also allow for every third party, collaborator and system connected to the product with real-time information on product recalls.

“The costs associated with a recall are extremely high as manufacturers must cover costs on a per-store and per-item basis with lack of transparency and traceability being a major contributing factor. Implementing this technology could reduce or even prevent recalls keeping a company from taking crippling losses,” says Tony Antillon, Chief Operating Officer of Riviera Beverages.


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