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The Tragically Hip voices support for the CanniMed/Newstrike merger

TORONTO –Newstrike Resources Ltd. welcomes a statement from Canada's iconic musicians, The Tragically Hip, in strong support of Up Cannabis continuing to reach important milestones and Newstrike's agreement to combine with CanniMed Therapeutics Inc.

January 12, 2018  By Justin Bellmore

Members of The Tragically Hip standing in an Up Cannabis growing facility

The band, which acts as a creative partner and major shareholder in Newstrike, made the following statement today:

“For decades, we have known that the legalization of cannabis was both inevitable and desirable. The slow but steady movement toward the acceptance of, first medical cannabis and now the recreational use of cannabis by adults, reveals a strong social inclination for caution, compassion and a reliance on fact based decision making. Now the time is upon us.

When we first met the folks at Newstrike we recognized a natural connection, not just on a personal basis, but more importantly on an ideological one. Their devotion to the details of quality and responsibility, and their desire to build a brand that will become a pillar of the industry, told us that we had found someone with whom to partner. Our interest, like in our music, has never been in the ‘quick hit make a few bucks’ model. If our name and reputation are to be attached or associated, we need to be certain that our partners are on the same page as us. Like The Tragically Hip, the folks at Newstrike understand that putting the consumer first, whether audience, patient or adult-use customer, is how you build something that will last.

When we first heard of the proposal to merge with CanniMed we were cautiously optimistic about the prospect and mutual benefits but, after meeting and chatting with Brent Zettl a few times, we knew that this was a really solid move for Newstrike and for both companies.


The Tragically Hip are both active shareholders and partners in Newstrike and hope to continue to be active participants in marketing and brand decisions for many years to come.

We, The Tragically Hip, fully support the combining of CanniMed and Newstrike. CanniMed brings an unparalleled expertise in the medicinal field and Newstrike/Up Cannabis brings creative fire in marketing and branding, new production capacity and a deep understanding of the opportunities and responsibilities required for success in the recreational market. Now, with Up Cannabis having received its license amendment to begin sales, the path to success is even more defined as the adult-use cannabis market comes into focus and Up Cannabis realizes its business plan.

We strongly feel that this combination of companies will create shareholder value and a formidable force in the Canadian cannabis market for many decades to come.

Sincerely (and on behalf of The Hip)

Robert E. Baker

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