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Tweed welcomes new Regina patients

April 27, 2016, Smiths Falls, Ont. – Tweed Inc. and Bedrocan Canada Inc., with the help of the Cannabis Health Clinic (CHC) in Regina, have welcomed hundreds of new patients to the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) system that were previously accessing medical cannabis through a dispensary.

April 27, 2016  By Dave Harrison

Tweed and Bedrocan Canada are now offering high quality medical cannabis to Canadians who have for years been accessing marijuana from sources outside the MMPR.

This conversion is the result of CHC’s decision to shift its business model to a health clinic that will help people access products from companies like Tweed and Bedrocan.

“I started out as a patient and found cannabis to be an effective treatment and then it evolved to a point where I was filling a larger need in the community, said CHC president Sean Murray.

“Now with Tweed and Bedrocan I can help bridge the gap that exists between patients and producers. The general public needs educational resources and we want to steer people towards the system that’s set up to serve them.”


CHC patients and customers will now have the peace of mind that comes with being able to lawfully carry, consume and travel within Canada with their much-needed medication.

“We work with partners all across the country who help people access our products,” said Tweed president Mark Zekulin.

“The Cannabis Health Clinic expressed a desire to transition their business and their clientele to the mainstream, regulated system and we’re proud to work with them to achieve that goal.”

Tweed and Bedrocan started registering CHC customers in February and will continue to onboard additional clients moving forward.

Many Canadians have questions about medical cannabis and turn to resources in the community to find information. Tweed operates Main Street community engagement centres in Ontario and also has dozens of Certified Partner organizations that provide education on legal access points for medical cannabis. These strategies complement each other to create an environment that fosters a broader dialogue and understanding of medical cannabis and improved access where appropriate.

“We’re encouraged by the fact that as access and product diversity improves, interest in Tweed is coming from all corners of the industry,” said Zekulin.

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