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Optimizing your facilities sanitation program

By Grow Opportunity staff
This webinar is sponsored by Virox Technologies and SHYIELD.This webinar is sponsored by Virox Technologies and SHYIELD.

This webinar has ended. Missed it? View the recording here. 

About the webinar: Ensuring your employees and plants are safe is not an easy task. With all things considered, it can be easy to overlook simple protocols to ensure your facility is protected without going overboard with unnecessary precautions. Grow Opportunity is hosting a free webinar, sponsored by Virox Technologies Inc. and SHYIELD, to help you choose the right disinfectant product and the steps to be taken when designing your facilities sanitation/biosecurity program to drive efficiencies.

About the speaker: Troy Henderson, an industry consultant at Virox Technologies Inc. with more than five years of experience in infection prevention and control, focusing in the cannabis industry. He specializes in streamlining and designing biosecurity programs for cannabis producers.

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