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A micro-cultivator with a creative solution

January 15, 2024  By Kayla Mann

Black Pearl flower by Cake & Caviar, Habitat's hallmark brand. photos: Habitat

Enter the world of Habitat Craft Cannabis. Here, we practice a unique way of growing and maximizing our 200m³ micro capacity through our chosen method of growing: Aquaponics. This innovative farming approach intertwines aquaculture (Pacific Coho fish farming) with the cultivation of plants, creating a compelling story around water and fertilizer sustainability. However, it is our intense focus on production workflow that has made the difference when it comes to profitability.  

Production at Habitat reveals a cultivation space divided into six rooms, each dialed in to the specific cultivar in production. Although the room size is only 320 square feet, these rooms were engineered to operate on a staggered planting and harvesting schedule, which allows for an extra crop per year per room and requires only two full-time staff members to manage all cultivation tasks within an eight-hour day.

The consistent workflow at our Chase, B.C. operation facilitates the creation of a dedicated full-time trim and packaging team and creates an organizational structure that is ready to scale. As the industry is now well aware, scaling up doesn’t solely entail increasing production, it necessitates the creation of processes that can adapt and translate easily as the business expands. It’s about growing smarter, not just bigger. 

The power of a unique story

In a crowded market where competition is fierce, cannabis businesses recognize the power of a unique story. While quality and price are the tickets to getting into the game, a memorable brand ethos is needed to capture loyalty among consumers. 


Our use of aquaponics and other sustainable features is one such example. However, in an industry where innovation is the norm, other brands like Pistol & Paris and Organnicraft have also found their distinctive voices in the micro space, emphasizing countercultural rebellion and artisanal craftsmanship respectively. These brands demonstrate the impact of storytelling in forging connections with buyers and consumers and are excellent models of success. 

Aquaculture showcasing Pacific Coho salmon paired with organic cannabis production.

Venturing into new horizons

For micro cultivators, expansion doesn’t stop at the cultivation room; it extends into the exploration of new market opportunities including exports. A micro’s capacity to navigate the intricacies of multiple sales channels speaks to their ability to adapt and scale while keeping a lean work force and meticulous organizational structure.

Amidst skepticism enveloping the Canadian cannabis market, it’s crucial for industry players to continue to acknowledge and leverage Canada’s international reputation as the gold standard in medical cannabis production. 

With the export market primarily centered around medical cannabis, Canadian companies, including micro cultivators, hold a unique advantage in helping establish a robust global network. 

Kayla Mann is a CA, CPA and CFO/CRO at Habitat Life Sciences (Cake & Caviar). Habitat is revolutionizing agriculture with an innovative approach to vertical growing and aquaponics that provides organic Coho salmon to local markets and organic, premium cannabis internationally.

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