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GOC Nexus and BTAB Solutions announce LOI for cannabis processing hubs

July 25, 2023  By Grow Opportunity Staff

(CNW) Toronto — GOC Nexus GmbH, a pioneer in the field of cannabis processing technology, and BTAB Solutions Inc., a leading player in the international cannabis industry, are pleased to announce the signing of a letter of intent (LOI) outlining their collaboration in establishing state-of-the-art processing hubs for microbiological decontamination of cannabis in Canada and abroad.

This LOI signifies the commitment of both parties to work together in building a strong and fruitful partnership.

GOC Nexus is revolutionizing the processing of medicinal and recreational cannabis. Their innovative approach to decontamination aims to address the global challenges of limited shelf life and microbiological contamination in cannabis products. With cutting-edge technology and deep expertise, GOC Nexus is committed to transforming the industry and raising the standards of cannabis processing to new heights.

BTAB Solutions is a prominent player in the international cannabis industry, known for empowering cannabis communities with brands, technologies, and products that are loved by consumers and distributors. With a strong background in cannabis and a focus on novel approaches to genetics, technology and products, BTAB is at the forefront of this industry.


Cold plasma sterilization of cannabis is a revolutionary technique that is poised to transform the cannabis industry. Unlike traditional sterilization methods that rely on radiation, heat, or chemicals, cold plasma sterilization offers a safer and more effective alternative. This technology harnesses ionized gas to neutralize harmful microorganisms, such as spores, mold, yeasts, and bacteria, without compromising the integrity of the cannabis or its valuable constituents.

By providing a gentle yet highly efficient sterilization process, cold plasma technology ensures product safety while maintaining the desired quality and potency of cannabis. Its significance for the industry lies in its ability to improve the overall standard of cleanliness and hygiene, enhance product quality and consumer safety, and meet rigorous regulatory requirements. This innovative approach not only addresses the critical need for effective decontamination but also sets new benchmarks for sustainable and economical cultivation and processing practices in the cannabis industry.

The project will be executed in multiple stages, starting with the establishment of a small-scale recreational hub to demonstrate the business case. Subsequently, a parallel hub will be prepared, designed to obtain an EU-GMP license. Once the planned hub in Germany attains GMP certification and the Canadian level-2 hub meets GMP requirements, the parties intend to pursue EU-GMP certification. This milestone will enable product processing with the aim of exporting material to the German hub for entry into the European market.

GOC Nexus will be responsible for organizing the cold plasma machines required for the project, customizing them to meet the specific needs of the operation. The team will develop EU-GMP compliant processes to minimize human involvement and enhance process control. The company will also establish an EU-GMP compliant quality management system to ensure the highest standards of quality and compliance.

BTAB Solutions will play a vital role in the collaboration by providing the necessary financing for the construction and operational management of the processing hubs. They will also be responsible for the acquisition of business opportunities and the day-to-day operational management of the hubs. BTAB’s extensive experience in the Canadian cannabis industry and their strong international presence make them an ideal partner for this venture.

“We are thrilled to announce this exciting partnership between GOC Nexus and BTAB Solutions. Our combined expertise and shared vision for the future of the cannabis industry will allow us to establish world-class processing hubs that adhere to the highest quality standards. Together, we aim to revolutionize the sterilization processes in the cannabis cultivation and processing stages, ultimately benefiting micro cultivators, processors, and industry standards.” — David Surjo, CEO, GOC Nexus

“BTAB Solutions has always been at the forefront of the cannabis industry, constantly striving for innovation, excellence, and economical compliance. This collaboration with GOC Nexus aligns perfectly with our mission to empower cannabis communities with cutting-edge technologies and products. We are excited about the prospects of this partnership and the positive impact it will have on the industry.” — Brandon Tate, CEO, BTAB Solutions

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