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HYTN broadens reach with innovative cannabis-infused nano shot

February 20, 2024  By Grow Opportunity Staff

(Globe Newswire) Vancouver — HYTN Innovations Inc., a leader in the cannabis sector known for specialized psychoactive and psychotropic product development, is excited to announce the expansion of its 100 mg Nano Shot Citrus to the key markets of British Columbia and Alberta. Following its initial success in Ontario, Canada’s largest market, this move represents a significant stride in the company’s national distribution goals.

“The enthusiasm from the western provinces for Nano Shot has been remarkable,” stated HYTN CEO Elliot McKerr. “Introducing our distinctive Nano Shot product line to these vibrant markets highlights HYTN’s dedication to innovation and quality. We are committed to fulfilling the changing needs of our customers and are confident that this novel product will successfully meet a gap in the market, providing a significant opportunity to increase domestic sales.

Nano Shot represents a unique contribution to the vibrant Canadian cannabis market. Leveraging HYTN’s proprietary Elevation Technology, the ingestible extract ensures a swift and reliable onset of effects. Each Nano Shot bottle delivers 100 mg of nano-emulsified THC in accurate 0.05 mL increments, allowing users to precisely customize their consumption experience. Its citrus flavour complements an existing assortment of edibles, broadening its appeal across various consumer preferences.

Jason Broome, COO of HYTN, highlighted the significance of Nano Shot amidst the regulatory challenges in the industry: “The ongoing issue of ingestible THC extracts being removed from the market for not meeting Health Canada’s standards accentuates the timeliness and necessity of Nano Shot’s expansion.” He continued, “Not only does Nano Shot serve the recreational sector in Canada, but its enhanced bioavailability, predictable effects, accurate dosing, and stringent production process also position it as a potential frontrunner in the global medical cannabis market, showcasing HYTN’s commitment to pioneering in product development.”


The introduction of Nano Shot across key markets in Western Canada represents a landmark achievement for HYTN, reinforcing its reputation as a pioneer of innovative products within the highly regulated cannabis industry.

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