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Important update from Lift Events & Experiences, “just roll with it”

October 27, 2023  By Grow Opportunity Staff

One of the pillars of Lift Events & Experiences is how we roll, and in planning the 2023 and 2024 events, we have had to just roll with it.

As the industry continues an incredibly challenging phase, we stand with the advocates, entrepreneurs, retailers, budtenders, and brands who choose to fight for the health and wellness of this incredible industry. We see you. We support you. We know more than ever what a difference convening and connecting can make at a critical time, but timing is everything.

We are rolling with it once again and making some much-anticipated shifts in both dates and venues for Lift Canada. 

Lift Vancouver will shift out of January, moving to a later time in the year where we can gather outside and with beautiful weather. Lift Toronto will shift out of June and away from numerous other cannabis events in that same time as well as avoiding much needed family time and commitments in the summer.


Lift is also exploring cannabis culture friendly venue options that might have the ability to display product on the show floor, implement sampling programs, and have a comfortable, convenient, and professional consumption area while also maintaining the original elements Lift is known for in terms of networking, education, and exhibits.

Our great thanks to our amazing partners, speakers, vendors, and guests over the years for the support, commitment, and the unforgettable moments. And for giving us both the feedback and confidence to push forward with these new plans. We cannot wait to continue this journey, together. Stay tuned for further updates and announcements on Lift Canada. 

Though we were optimistic of holding the inaugural U.S. Lift event in San Francisco in February 2024, it is evident the cannabis industry remains in a particularly challenging season in its history.

Out of an abundance of respect and care for the cannabis industry and with a continued mission to serve the California market, we have made the difficult and bittersweet decision to pause Lift San Francisco in 2024. Our hope is the California cannabis ecosystem returns to health and prosperity and we find ourselves celebrating together at Lift San Francisco one day soon.

Our great thanks to the sponsors, exhibitors, partners and registered guests for their early support and commitment to Lift San Francisco.

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