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Proposing a straightforward solution to the Israeli-Canadian cannabis trade dispute

February 6, 2024  By Haley Nagasaki

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The “anti-dumping” initiative directed by the Israeli ministry of economy against 10 Canadian licensed producers exporting medical cannabis into the country has incited overarching financial concern in addition to a search for solutions.

From the perspective of Deepak Anand, principal, ASDA Consultancy Services, the solution to this matter, he says, is “easy!”

“If Israel really wants to put a stop to this, rather than going through this long, complicated and political process – they need to use the tools at their disposal,” says Anand.

“Since Canada only permits exports of cannabis for medical and scientific purposes, Israel could very easily not issue import permits, which would immediately resolve the issue as Health Canada would not issue export permits that would effectively stop any trade from occurring between the two countries.”


This line of thinking is not a foreign concept, for “there is already precedent here and is something Canada has already adopted,” he says, “by not allowing commercial imports of cannabis for medical purposes into the country. By not issuing/rejecting import permits for commercial quantities of medical cannabis,” writes Anand.

The investigation sheds light on the complexities of international cannabis, especially at a time of political instability and strained economies.

If Israel genuinely aims to halt the alleged dumping of Canadian cannabis due to an undermined domestic market, it could look towards its available tools, as Anand outlines.

This could prevent Health Canada from issuing export permits, effectively circumventing a costly legal process, and the additional financial burden on Canadian producers with product in Israel.

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