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DOJA and Tokyo Smoke merge to form retail cannabis company Hiku Brands with funding from Aphria

Kelowna, B.C. – Two recreational cannabis lifestyle brands, DOJA and Tokyo Smoke based out of British Colombia, announced that they will be merging companies to form Hiku Brands, with strategic investment from Aphria Inc.

December 21, 2017  By Justin Bellmore

Aphria is investing $12.5 million into Hiku upon completion of the merger, bringing the combined cash position to roughly $31 million – funding which will be dedicated to building up a nation-wide retail footprint and brand, as well as scaling up production capacity.

Aphria’s ​​strategic ​​investment ​​into ​​Hiku ​​marks ​​Aphria’s ​​first venture ​​into ​​British ​​Columbia’s ​​premium ​​cannabis ​​market.

Hiku ​​will ​​have seven ​​operational, ​​legal ​​cannabis ​​accessory ​​stores ​​with ​​locations ​​across ​​Canada in ​​Ontario, Alberta ​​and ​​British ​​Columbia, and will be applying to the Government of Manitoba. ​​


Trent Kitsch, CEO of DOJA says that he is confident that Hiku will be trusted by consumers to create better customer experiences and products.

“We have created the leading brand house in cannabis where high quality and design will shape the cannabis future,” he said in a press release.

DOJA ​​operates ​​a ​​cannabis ​​production ​​facility ​​in ​​British ​​Columbia’s ​​Okanagan ​​Valley, ​​and ​​is ​​in ​​the process ​​of ​​building ​​FUTURE ​​LAB, ​​DOJA’s ​​new ​​production ​​facility ​​to ​​be ​​located ​​in ​​Kelowna, ​​British Columbia ​​to ​​support ​​production ​​capacity ​​in ​​excess ​​of ​​5,000 ​​kg ​​per ​​year.

Vic ​​Neufeld, ​​Chief ​​Executive ​​Officer ​​of ​​Aphria said ​​”This ​​transaction ​​has ​​the ​​twofold benefit ​​of ​​providing ​​us ​​access ​​to ​​strong ​​brands, ​​through ​​Tokyo ​​Smoke ​​and ​​DOJA, ​​and ​​craft-cultivated British ​​Columbia ​​bud, ​​through ​​DOJA.”

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