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IMC applauds the April 1st implementation of the new Israeli cannabis regulation, facilitating access for many new patients

April 1, 2024  By Grow Opportunity Staff

(CNW) — Toronto and Gail Yam, Israel — IM Cannabis Corp., a leading medical cannabis company with operations in Israel and Germany, welcomes the implementation of the medical cannabis regulatory reform in Israel on April 1st.

The reform, announced by the Israeli ministry of health on August 7, 2023, underwent a three-month delay due to the Israel-Hamas war following its initial announcement.

The Reform will be implemented in phases, as approved, and announced by the Israeli Ministry of Health. The key aspects of the initial phase, commencing today, April 1st, are as follows:

  1. Change in the prescription process: patients with a wide range of diseases and medical conditions from Oncology to Parkinsons will no longer be required to obtain a license to receive medical cannabis. Patients will receive a prescription similar to those for other prescription medications. Pain and PTSD are not included in the Reform yet.
  2. Medical cannabis will now be prescribed through the HMO’s, Israel’s public healthcare system: until the Reform, cannabis could not be prescribed through the HMO’s which cover the majority of the Israeli population.
  3. The number of prescribing physicians is expected to increase: as of today, HMO physicians, who are dully trained and certified within their field of expertise, can prescribe medical cannabis as a first line treatment, as opposed to a last resort, based on medical discretion for the approved indications.
  4. The cost for prescription is anticipated to be reduced: the Ministry of Health limited the cost for a medical cannabis prescription.

“We believe that by facilitating the access to medical cannabis, for many new patients, the new regulations will transform the medical cannabis market in Israel.” said Oren Shuster, CEO of IMC. “By improving the accessibility, increasing the potential number of prescribers, and lowering the cost of obtaining a cannabis prescription, we anticipate an increase in the number of medical cannabis patients.”


For the full report published by the Ministry of Health see (in Hebrew)-

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