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Organigram releases new organically grown medical product

Since becoming organically certified earlier in October, Organigram is releasing its first organic medicinal product, a sativa-dominant whole flower called Tidal Bore (R2).

October 29, 2018  By Grow Opportunity Staff

The Moncton, N.B.-based cannabis producer said the product offers patients a new option for their wellness plan.

“We produce a percentage of organic medicinal plants in a segregated area of our state-of-the-art indoor facility, leaning on years of experience in the field and a strong understanding of the needs of patients who may prefer an organic medicinal product,” the company stated in a release. “From nutrient-dense organic soil to careful hand-pruning, each of these plants were grown and nurtured using respectful, thoughtful organic practices.”

Tidal Bore (R2) is a legacy sativa strain, a high-quality whole flower that’s highly regarded by patients and said to help increase focus with a distinct aroma profile, Organigram said.

A tidal bore is when the tip of high tide collides with water in a narrow inland artery, like a river or bay, a single set of waves travel against the direction of the current. The product’s name was inspired by the tidal bores that happen twice a day along the Petitcodiac River in Moncton, where Organigram is headquartered.


The Tidal Bore product is being released at 1:45 p.m. AST on Oct. 29 to align with the rise of the tidal bore along the river.

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