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Virtual Summits
Focus On: Cultivation at Scale
October 18, 2023 at 1:00pm EDT


Cropsify offers a suite of cannabis business applications that fit to your workflow and scale to any size from micro to multi-site operations.

Our flagship business solution delivers more power under the hood than our competitors using the most secure and robust technologies available today; never out of date.

eCommerce – seamlessly sell inventory through integrated sales channel without the high price; works for multiple license types including:

Partner – offer your colleagues’ an interface to drop-ship and manage agreements; sell without possession, or incentivize customers with managed custom pricing.

Multi-Site Operator – link multiple sites to move inventory between with half the data entry requirements; saving more time and reducing human error.

The base operator platform is an all-in-one solution starting with record keeping and compliance reporting. Build your business with many modules to work for micro to enterprise; grow into any license class.

Get flexibility and direction to quickly process, sell, and report on any type of cannabis product you want; complete with expense and quality data.

Streamline cultivation to extraction, packaging, and quality management.

Manage medical, wholesale b2b, or recreational b2c clientele.

Easy compliance reports for CTS, and B300; plus “archiving” feature tracks corrections, changes, and amendments to keep your auditors happy.

CRA outreach makes audits quick and easy; plus automated Excise Duties, Stamps, and B300! Demonstrate full traceability from every angle for easy audits.

Production planning and reporting gives any small or large operator the intelligence financial teams want and need.

Quality, QMS, is integrated and free; batch production records, production planning, GTIN barcodes, lab validations, machine generated labels and documents, and more.

Paperless templates including invoices, purchase orders, packing slips, patient labels, package & case labels, shipping, and other custom document templates are built in and free.


Live support and knowledge base full of instructions to get you going quickly on the right path; we “hold your hand” with 24/7 assistance, we’re there for you.

B2B plan, buy, and sell with partners through multiple distribution channels; pre-order, plan production, deliver on time.

Partner in-house or out-source; run multi-tenant facility rentals, medical drop-shipper, direct delivery or Provincial distribution.

Personalize your b2b relationships with each partner separately or see performance data all together.

First Nations distribution module allows custom territorial retail distribution with custom retail tax and duty exemptions and/or territory fees.

An all-in-one solution including everything you need; it’s is easy to use, has live training, great support, and affordable.