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Pasqua First Nation launches Indigenous brand with Atlas Growers

August 4, 2021  By Grow Opportunity staff

Atlas Biotechnologies Inc. is looking to combine traditional Indigenous healing medicines through its latest partnership with Pasqua First Nation.

The Edmonton-based cannabis extracts producer announced PFN Group of Companies as a major shareholder and the inspiration for an upcoming launch of its newest wellness brand.

“The Pasqua Nation has been a true partner for us over the past three years, and we’re extremely excited to launch a product that incorporates the traditional medicines of Indigenous people, into our scientifically-refined cannabis formulations,” said Sheldon Croome, Atlas President and CEO, in a statement.

“The values of the Pasqua people, along with the healing properties of their traditional medicines and remedies, align with our relentless pursuit of producing consistent and impactful products that transform cannabis from a plant into natural medicine.”


The Pasqua First Nation (PFN) is located about 60 kilometres northeast of Regina, Saskatchewan. PFN first invested in Atlas 2018. Together, the two organizations have developed its Indigenous brand, Mino-Ahki (“Good Earth”). The brand is looking to launch a new topical cream intended to combine traditional medicines and remedies with Atlas’ medicinal cannabis extracts and formulations.

“An integral focus of Indigenous healing and wellness is through the balance and inter-relationships of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of a being,” said Richard Missens, CEO of PFN and newly appointed Atlas board member. “Our new Mino-Ahki health and wellness line of products is designed to be part of a balanced approach to health. We look forward to working with Atlas to develop these exciting products.”

Royalties from the new medical topical cream, and other under-development products from this brand, will be paid to the Pasqua First Nation Band and its people.


Mino-Ahki (‘Good Earth’) logo (Credit: GNW Newswire)

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