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Tweed introduces training program for Canadian budtenders

SMITHS FALLS, Ont. - Canopy Growth Corporation’s subsidiary Tweed has launched a new program called Hi. Society, aimed at engaging and supporting education for budtenders across Canada.

October 16, 2018  By Grow Opportunity Staff

Membership is free and the program is offering spots to budtenders who are legally employed in the Canadian cannabis retail framework and who demonstrate an interest in learning and contributing to increased awareness and knowledge about cannabis, the company stated in a release.

The program offers educational resources including a 12-course training program led by Tweed’s cannabis experts that reflects learning from both the medical and recreational cannabis markets, the company said. Applications open today at

“We know there is lots of passion and a desire for information in today’s cannabis industry and through Hi. Society, we are helping fill that information gap and enabling the next generation of budtenders to serve customers with the depth of knowledge they deserve,” said Mark Zekulin, president and co-chief executive officer of Tweed. “While membership is free, we’re really looking to engage the most passionate people to build a community of learning and help drive this new industry forward.”

Hi. Society members will also have opportunities to showcase their skills at national competitions and to meet up with other budtenders at events across the country further enhancing their industry knowledge and experience.


Master classes and training opportunities with knowledgeable experts from medical cannabis, wellness, the culinary arts, business, customer service and more will join Tweed and its growing community of brands — DNA Genetics, LBS, FORIA, Doja — to inspire members with personal insights into industry developments and customer trends.

Tweed said the goal is for Hi. Society members to enhance their ability to speak confidently about cannabis products while serving as a trusted source of information for customers.

“With the opening of this newly legalized market for recreational cannabis in Canada, the need for highly educated budtenders has never been higher,” the release stated. “Canadians will make many of their first, fully informed choices about consuming or trying cannabis, and Hi. Society members will be well placed to help guide them through this exciting and important process.”

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