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Virtual Grower Day | Cannabis
August 19, 2020 at 1:00pm EDT

Breeding and Genetics

Speaker: Jayson Goodale, Sr. Lead Manager – Risk Advisory, CCI Deloitte

How growers can benefit from a genetic selection program to yield consistent, high-quality cannabis.

Jayson Goodale, Sr. Lead Manager – Risk Advisory, CCI Deloitte
Jayson is a senior consultant for cultivation and risk advisory with CCI-Deloitte. Coming from a strong horticultural background, Jayson brings nearly 30years experience into the commercial cannabis industry. Previously, Jayson spent 25+ years in the commercial greenhouse sector specializing in weekly potted floral crops for major box-chain stores across North America. Jayson first entered the legal commercial cannabis industry as Head Grower with Tweed Farms in 2013 which has brought him to the fore front of cannabis cultivation in Canada. His experience in the field and as a consultant has led him to designing and providing build-out support services to many licensed facilities across Canada and on several international projects. Jayson brings practical greenhouse horticultural practices to the cannabis industry, combined with passion, keen attention to detail, crop scheduling and production planning. Through CCI Deloitte Jayson regularly performs compliance on-site training along with GPP/GACP and GMP audits, gap assessments and quality assurance reports both domestically in Canadian markets and globally on various international engagements.